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Hi, my name is Stefano Cipriani and I am a professional driver who started this business in 1995. After 3 years as an employee driver I started working on my own, and since 1998 I have never stopped visiting many places along our beautiful Italian peninsula. I do my job driving a Mercedes V-Class minivan composed of 7 seats + me. On board you will find comforts such as: air conditioning, gas mini fridge and Free WiFi, and delicious candies that will accompany you throughout the journey. In all these years I have known beautiful places both by the sea and in the hills, these places are known to few people. I organize tours from 1 to several days to give the opportunity to those tourists who have never visited Italy to enjoy the view of landscapes such as Tuscan hills or the sea such as the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi, or even Puglia, Sicily, 5 Terre, Lake Maggiore etc. Etc.

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Active since 2003, my ultimate goal was always that of providing travellers, tourists, and in general to all those living and experiencing the city of Rome, with the best on-demand moving and tourism service, in terms of competitive quoting, comfort of the fleet of vehicles employed for the purpose, and most importantly, real, authentic PASSION. I pride myself very much about the fact that I am single-handedly taking care of everything about this service for one particular reason: doing so allows me to provide a service which is perfectly tailored around the singular needs of each traveller or group of travellers. Whether you need to get from local cruise or ferry docking sites, airports or train stations to your permanent or temporary accomodation or viceversa, ride further away from Rome all over Italy, or even feel like actually experiencing Roman art, culture and everyday life, all you have to do is text me here on my website. It will be my utmost pleasure to be able to help you.

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