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Hello to everybody, my name is Stefano Cipriani and I am a professional driver who started this business in 1995.
After 3 years as an employee driver I started working on my own, and since 1998 I have never stopped visiting many places along our beautiful Italian peninsula.

I do my job driving a Mercedes V-Class minivan composed of 7 seats + me.
On board you will find comforts such as:
air conditioning, gas mini fridge and Free WiFi, and delicious candies that will accompany you throughout the journey.
In all these years I have known beautiful places both by the sea and in the hills, these places are known to few people.
I organize tours from 1 to several days to give the opportunity to those tourists who have never visited Italy to enjoy the view of landscapes such as Tuscan hills or the sea such as the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi, or even Puglia, Sicily, 5 Terre, Lake Maggiore etc. Etc.



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If you need a personal driver for taking you anywhere all over Italy, all you have to do is send a message ...

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If you need a train station transfer from and/or to any and all destinations you may need to reach all over Italy ...

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If you need an airport transfer from and/or to any and all destinations you may need to reach all over Italy.

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They say that Rome is the Capital of the world. Cannot say I disagree. Which is specifically why I also ...


When you will arrive a Termini train station you will follow where the platform begin, once you are there you must turn to the right towards the platform No. 1
When there you will see the Mc Donald’s sign and the pharmacy with the green cross.
I will be there with a paper sign or if the battery of my Ipad is not died I will have it.

And finally when we will meet I wil drive you to your hotel or apartment booked for your wonderful holiday in town.

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When you, finally, will land in Rome, after hours and hours of a long flight you need to take your luggage at the buggage claim, waiting usually no less then 30 minutes.
After that, with your luggage on your hands, you walk till to meet the sliding doors you will pass through and in front of you will appear a lot of drivers with signs on their hands…….
So if you will pay attention among them there will be Stefano, me!!!!!!

There is the Terminal 1
when you pass the sliding doors there is a big area in front of you.
It is easy, without any problems, to find the driver

There is the Terminal 3
when you pass the sliding doors there are many colomns with yellow signs as :
Meeting point 1 Ncc/Limo service
Meeting point 2 Ncc/Limo service
Meeting point 3 Ncc/Limo service
Meeting point 4 Ncc/Limo service
You will take the Meeting Point 4 as your good place to meet the driver

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what people say


Stefano truly exceeded my expectations, without mentioning how well kept the car was. Highly recommended!
Bella Jim
Thank you Stefano for being such a nice, kind-hearted person and professional driver. Stefano arranged the best transport service from the cruise to our place and viceversa we ever requested, and there were plenty.
Eric Monte
Guest in Town
It was my first time ever in Rome, I had a flight booked literally 2 days earlier, which is when I was informed I had to leave. I have to say I feel lucky meeting Stefano, as he literally did everything he could not only to be at the airport in time, but also to take me to the conference I had to attend 30 minutes earlier.
Melinda Rai